Voter Information - Who can vote?

Residents of Nelson who are 18 years or older, have lived in BC for at least six months and are Canadian citizens are eligible to vote.  You do not need to own property to vote.

• Residents

• Non-Resident Property Electors

Where do I vote?

• Voting locations

• Advance Voting

• Special Voting and Curbside Voting

How do I vote?

You must be registered to vote.  The City of Nelson provides for Voter’s Advanced Registration although you may register on General Voting Day if you wish.  All voters are required to produce two (2) pieces of identification (at least one must provide a signature) in order to prove residency and identity. 

Bring two pieces of ID

Acceptable forms of identification include:

  • a British Columbia Driver's Licence
  • a BC Identification Card within the meaning of the Identification Card Regulation
  • a photo BC services card within the meaning of the Identification Card Regulation
  • a non-photo BC services card within the meaning of the Identification Card Regulation
  • an Owner's Certificate of Insurance and Vehicle Licence issued by the Insurance Corporation of BC
  • a British Columbia CareCard or British Columbia Gold CareCard
  • a Ministry of Social Development and Economic Security Request for Continued Assistance Form SDES8
  • a Social Insurance Card issued by Human Resources Development Canada
  • a Citizenship Card issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada
  • a real property tax notice issued under section 369 of the Local Government Act or section 21 of the Taxation (Rural Area) Act
  • a credit card or debit card issued by a savings institution as defined in s.29 of the Interpretation Act
  • a utility bill issued for the supply of electricity, natural gas, water, telephone services or coaxial cable services by:
    • a public utility as defined in section 1 of the Utilities Commission Act
    • a gas utility as defined in section 1 of the Gas Utility Act,
    • a water utility as defined in section 1 of the Water Act,
    • the British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority, or
    • a corporation licensed by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission for the purposes of that supply.


All voting locations are accessible for persons with disabilities and offer assistance with voting, either within the voting location, or curb side if voters are physically unable to leave their vehicle.

If You Need Help Voting

If you need help to vote, you may ask the Presiding Election Official (PEO) in charge at the voting place to assist you. You may also bring someone with you to the voting place to help you vote. This person must make a solemn declaration to preserve the secrecy of your ballot, to mark the ballot according to your wishes and to not attempt to influence how you vote. If you are unable to enter the voting place, you may ask to receive and mark your ballot at a place located outside the voting place. It will be necessary for you to bring someone with you who can advise the election officials that you need help outside the voting place.

Contact Us:

Chief Elections Officer

Tel: 250-352-8254 


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